France and Belgium battle once more over Waterloo – Belgium wins!

The French mentioned “non” to the Belgians minting a 2 euro coin to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s ultimate defeat on the Battle of Waterloo, a humiliating occasion of their historical past. Brussels was pressured to scrap the 180,000 cash that had already been minted in March.

Not keen to just accept defeat, the tiny nation fought again by utilizing a loophole in Eurozone regulation that permits EU states to mint cash if they’re in an irregular denomination and produced a 2.50 euro coin as a substitute. The coin depicts the Lion’s Mound monument that stands on the battlefield and is being bought at 6 euros to collectors. All 70,000 cash, which can be utilized in Belgian retailers, are anticipated to be snapped up.

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The Federal Public Service of Belgium mentioned on its web site: “That is the primary Belgian coin with a nominal worth of two.50 euros. The coin portrays the image of the Waterloo hill and a schematic place of the troops throughout the battle.”

Paris has despatched a letter to the Council of Europe saying that minting the cash may trigger an “unfavorable response in France”. It added that the Battle of Waterloo “has a selected resonance within the collective consciousness that goes past a easy army battle”.

The Battle of Waterloo stopped Napoleon in his tracks when he was crushed by the armies of the Duke of Wellington and Gebhard von Blücher, forcing him to desert his European ambitions. He was exiled to St Helena, the place he died in 1821.

A number of thousand copies of a silver coin – with a face worth of €10 however bought at €40 – may also be launched. These will depict a scene at The Battle of Waterloo that exhibits the Duke of Wellington and the Prince of Orange, the commanders whose armies defeated Napoleon within the battle.

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